We ship using Express Australia Post for domestic and international deliveries as they are easy to track and very reliable. unless it's not in stock in Sydney then will be Shipped with TNT from China.

shipping cost is based on how many you buy and where you are located but it will cost between $50-$100 per item Domestic and around $100-$150 international . unless shipping is through my supplier in China then it will be $300.

*Please note that we will try and buy and stock all the machines here in Sydney but because its a big market some of the items will be with my supplier and if thats the case then you i can not accept PayPal because i will need to pay for them before them being shipped*


New proucts come with 1 year or 6 months warranty depending on manufactuare unless damage is caused by the customer. 2nd hand prodcuts do not come with warrenty but they will be tested cleaned and tested again before shipping. No returns or refunds are issued unless item is out of stock, so please choose carefully and we will double check with you before payment.


We will be accepting most types of payments which inlcude Bank tranfers, PayPal and Cryptocurrency. if payment is made through crypto then you will get a disscount.