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  • What do i need to start mining?
    All you need is a computer/laptop and internet connection, if you have that then you are set, choose the machine and type of coin you want to mine, buy and wait for us to deliver it to you, connect the pwoer and internet & happy mining.
  • How long does it take to ship after payment?
    After payment is made, depending on how many you buy and if they are 2nd hand we need to test them one last time before sending it out so we will provide you with a tracking number from 3-5days .
  • What is your return policy ?
    Due to the nature of the business we cant give warranty on 2nd hand machines but they will be tested cleaned and tested again and we will provide you with a video of the machines serial number and will show you that it works perfectly fine before sending it out! Brand new machines comes with 100 DAY warranty
  • Do we Sell in Bulk?
    Yes we do, Please message us before buying as we can give you a bulk discount!
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