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What is Crypto mining ? Well simply put, miners are the record keepers of all the transactions that occur on the “blockchain”.  

For example, when Bob buy's something online for $50 or wants to transfer $50 to Jane, the bank takes the money from Bob’s account and keeps a record of that transaction so Bob can’t buy or send unless he has more money. 

Therefore, the banks will always know what you bought and sold and charge you fees on it and get richer and richer in process while us everyday people get the short end of the stick.  

Well thanks to Satoshi Nakamoto, he published a white paper in 2008 explaining how Bob can buy or send money to Jane without the middle man (the banks) he Introduces the Bitcoin and explains a way where 2 people can make a transaction where there is no middle man. (peer-to-peer). So who keeps record of who spent what ? That’s where the miners come in and the blockchain, so the miners work as record keeper and the validate all transactions on the “blockchain”. When bob wants to send Bitcoin to Jane there is record of that transaction number kept on the “block” and each “block” has more than 500 transactions and when you add all the numbers of the transactions on that block you get a final block number and its added to the “chain” (blockchain), the next “block” has to start with the number that the last “block” finished with and that ensures that no one can add a “false transaction” to the “block” because it won't be accepted by the “chain”.

Miners get rewarded with the cryptocurrency that they are validating.

Now selling top of the line immersion cooling system that are way more efficient at keeping your machine cooled and giving you an extended life on the machines. 

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We are also expanding to start hosting and miner management service , we are working very hard to find the best service and the cheapest price for your convenience, we are aiming to get .13cKwH and if you buy the machine through us as well we will give you a great bundle on the machine and hosting.

we also have overseas hosting for as cheap as .09KwH. message us for more information.

Terms & conditions apply. 

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We have just started and we are aiming to be one of the biggest importers and exporters. We aim to only bring you the best crypto mining machines available and our services will be exceptional in doing so, we will strive to help you get the product that exactly suits your needs and we will offer help at any time required before or after you purchase.

We are just an ONLINE store at the moment but we are aiming to be one of the first shops to sell and repair ASIC miners in Sydney where you can come in test and see which miner suits you best. in saying that if you are from around Sydney you are more then welcome to come pick up from my office/home as many have do before.

One of the major reasons to why we want to do this is because we spent too much time and money on untrusted people/vednors and when you find someone trust worthy they take 3 months to ship and the machine has a fault or two and for that reason we want you to shop at ease with us knowing that we are local and always here to help.

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ABN: 27 880 769 922

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